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Ghana's most contemporary private university

Zenith University College was established in December 2001 and placed in a unique position in the private tertiary education industry with a philosophy of providing borderless higher education to contribute its quota in tackling the problems that beset our TEI at present. Zenith University College took off as a tertiary institution in November 2005.

Today, Zenith University College prides itself to be Ghana's Most Contemporary Private University with the most up to date teaching and learning resources in the country. Inspired by our vision of being a leading higher education institution in Africa, Zenith University College continuously invests in upgrading its facilities and methods of teaching and learning. Our students are our main focus and the reason for our existence. We never compromise on the needs of our students.

Unity in diversity

Zenith University College is a community of students and faculty from different parts of Africa and beyond unified in purpose with a common objective of pursuing academic and professional excellence in the wide range of programmes offered by the College. We have come to be known as the pace setters. We set the standards for others to follow.

Employable programmes

What inspires people to study is their desire for new skills and knowledge. Many students are looking for a way to develop a new career. Studying does not only develop your professional abilities, it keeps you informed about the latest developments in your chosen field and the world around you.
It is our view that academic achievement and the acquisition of specialized professional skills should go hand-in-hand with the development of personal skills. Our programmes are of distinctive quality and impeccable reputation and lead to high paying job opportunities.
All our programmes are recognised worldwide. They offer the flexibility of continuing with your education globally in more than 200 countries. The various programmes on offer by the University are specially designed to:

- Develop areas of study relevant to a profession.
- Update and broaden your knowledge and skills.
- Help Students achieve valuable skills or develop a new career.
- Enhance your existing professional qualification.


We expect a section of our student population to be pursuing certain careers but want professional development and qualification that will help them progress. For this category of people we offer courses focused on their professional areas accredited by professional bodies.
Whether you have formal qualification or not, or you have been out of school for a while, Zenith University College opens up a world of opportunities for you. We offer you the opportunity to earn a degree and to add value to your skills and work experience.
The University offers three study options for all programmes. Our "evening and weekend study options" appeal to workers who are engaged during the day. New school leavers intending to immediately continue with their higher education find our "day study option" very ideal.

Career counseling and guidance
We have a career counselling and guidance service desk to help you make informed decisions about all the programme and study options we offer. You are welcome to call on a career adviser to talk about your plans and obtain any guidance on your career throughout your study at Zenith University College.
Read on and you will realise why Zenith University College should be your first option for an unforgettable experience in higher education in Ghana.

Zenith University College Philosophy

Zenith University College believes in the philosophy of borderless higher education. We believe higher education should be accessible to all students with high academic potential. Students should be able to pursue programmes of their choice irrespective of the part of the world they are. We believe this is the way forward if students are to acquire knowledge that prepares them to face the challenges of today's global economy and the multifaceted political, social and cultural setting that continuously shape our local, national and international environment.

Our Mission

Zenith University College aims at providing high quality education of international standard and recognition by creating an environment that stimulates and challenges students to fully explore their intellectual and human potential.

Zenith University College further aims at equipping students with skills and attitudes that will assist them to apply the knowledge they acquire in meeting challenges posed by the global economy, poverty in developing countries and developmental issues. It is our mission to make our students function in a competitive global economy.

Our Vision

Zenith University College's vision is to become one of the leading regional Universities in Africa for research, knowledge creation and knowledge dissemination.


Provide high quality higher education of international standard and recognition.
Provide training programmes aimed at developing middle and top level human resource for commence, industry and the public sector.
Provide higher education that elicits the entrepreneurial abilities of students.
Ensure that high quality tertiary education reaches a larger number of qualified students.
Offer quality tuition at reasonable cost.
Offer programmes that are appropriate to the needs of full time workers.
Offer programmes of international reputation that could provide graduates with a wider range of options flexible enough to delocalize employment opportunities.
Promote research in collaboration with industry and government institutions.

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